Automate Your Admin and Social Media in minutes -
Connect to Any System Effortlessly, Without the Headaches of Integration or Constant Manual Monitoring.

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Struggling to elevate your digital presence to match your brand's true value?

Introducing A-Tech Design Solutions: Your Partner in Digital Transformation.

With over a decade of experience in Mackay and Townsville, I've seen firsthand the challenges businesses face with digital integration.

That's why I founded A-Tech Design Solutions.

No more battling with complex systems that refuse to sync.

Our AI Agents effortlessly bridge your existing platforms, transforming complexity into a seamless powerhouse.

Forget drowning in repetitive, time-consuming tasks.

Our smart automations convert drudgery into efficiency, freeing up your time for what truly matters.

Concerned about keeping up with the pace of your business growth?

Our adaptive AI evolves with you, ensuring your digital tools remain as dynamic as your brand.

And if social media feels like a constant uphill battle, our AI-driven strategies turn effort into impact.

Elevating your presence to social media mastery.

Our promise? A no-risk journey to digital excellence with guaranteed rewards.

Not fully satisfied with the results? Get your money back, no questions asked.

Say yes to dynamic, impactful change.




Sparkles Jewellers Auckland Went From 80 Daily Queries to Real-Time Gold Prices with a Chatbot


  • Overwhelmed by 80+ daily inquiries on WhatsApp about gold prices.
  • Manual response process was time-consuming and labor-intensive.
  • Inconsistent response times led to customer dissatisfaction.


  • Implemented a customer gold ordering chatbot that retrieves real-time gold prices.
  • Automated responses significantly reduced the workload on staff.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction with instant and accurate information.

AbolishInk Townsville Went From Battling Tattoo Removal Myths to Providing Clear, Automated FAQs


  • Faced with frequent inquiries debunking myths around tattoo removal.
  • Manual guidance through the tattoo removal process was inefficient.
  • Potential clients hesitated due to misinformation and lack of clear guidance.


  • Launched a customer FAQ chatbot that demystifies tattoo removal myths.
  • Chatbot guides users through the process, providing clear, structured information.
  • Increased client confidence and streamlined the inquiry process.

iXcel Financial Solutions Went From Struggling for Content to Effortlessly Generating Social Media Posts


  • Struggled to consistently create engaging content for social media.
  • The task of content creation felt overwhelming and was often neglected.
  • Lack of fresh content led to decreased online engagement and visibility.


  • Deployed a social media generation chatbot tailored to the business's needs.
  • Effortlessly generates engaging and relevant content, saving time and effort.
  • Improved online presence and engagement with regular, quality content posts.
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Embrace Your Potential

Custom AI insights for your business's scale.


  • Outpace competitors with smart AI integration.

  • Upgrade to data-driven decision-making.

  • Simplify operations with automated efficiency.

  • Seize growth opportunities through digital innovation.


Transform Your Business with AI Precision

Seamless System Integration

Our AI Agents smoothly connect to your existing systems and CRMs, creating a powerhouse of efficiency behind your business operations.

  • Syncs in a snap
  • Hooks up with your tools
  • Keeps your systems talking
  • Tailors to your tech stack
  • Seamless link-ups, no sweat
  • Gathers all your data in one place

Unprecedented Administrative Automation

Wave goodbye to mundane tasks. Our AI Agents automate 95% of administrative duties, freeing up your team to focus on what they do best — driving your business forward.

  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Consulting
  • Video & Photography
  • Digital Content Creation
  • Visual Identity

Omniscient Business Comprehension

Your business is unique, and so is our AI. It learns every intricacy of your operations, holding an encyclopedic knowledge of your enterprise to make decisions just as you would.

  • Gets your business vibe
  • Flexes for your needs
  • Brainy about your biz
  • Nails even the quirky stuff
  • Thinks on its feet
  • Chats with your customers like a pro

Social Media = Already Done.

Need brand awareness? Let our Agents do it for you.

  • Posts like a boss
  • Never misses a beat
  • Targets your perfect crowd
  • Spins out content that sticks
  • Analyzes what's hot and what's not
  • Drives likes, shares, and follows

Custom Solutions For Custom Needs

Every business has its quirks, and our AI Agents are built to adapt. Whatever your requirement, our technology is flexible to meet the demands of your business landscape.

  • Time juggling? Sorted.
  • Puts growth in the fast lane
  • No micromanaging needed
  • Gives your schedule breathing room
  • Lets you focus on the big picture
  • Snags you over 20 hours a week

It's not all AI..

While AI services is our biggest hit, it's not all that we offer.

  • Brand Copywriting
  • Video Production
  • Social Media Marketing
  • No Code Web Development
  • Custom Web Development
  • Shopify Store Development

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